The Power of Branding

A few weeks ago I was reading the Logo Design Love blog and came across a poster designed by Jason Dean called the ABC’s of Branding. The poster uses no ink and is instead created through a stamp and emboss treatment. It is being sold in a limited edition run with each poster numbered and signed by Jason. Being an aspiring logo designer I couldn’t help but buy the poster for inspiration. I was very excited to see that my poster had arrived today.

ABC's of Branding Poster

As you can see the poster depicts the English alphabet using nothing but logos to represent the various letters. What is truly amazing about the poster (other than it’s beautiful design) is that only certain letters from famous (or infamous) logos are used to create the alphabet. Though you are seeing each letter out of context, you will be amazed at how many logos you will recognize based on only one letter. This just goes to show how powerful a brand or logo can truly be.

Jason was kind enough to send an answer key along with the poster to show the logos that each of the letters was pulled from. Thankfully I was only stumped by two of them. How many of the logos can you recognize based on just one letter? (Also, if you are as impressed with Jason’s design as I was please go purchase one of the limited edition posters from his website.)

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