Insyndia Logo Design Process

Insyndia is a new IT consulting company that asked me to help create a unique identity for their business. I was excited to help a business start fresh from the ground up. After having them fill out an initial logo questionnaire I began building a design brief and sketching out my ideas. Here is a brief excerpt from Insyndia‘s website to give you some background about the services they offer:

We tailor services to your realistic needs and budgets. From day-to-day operational support and application development, to strategic reengineering of infrastructure and network architecture – we strive to meet your specific needs in a way that provides your organization with the necessary scalability you need to remain competitive. At Insyndia, there’s no one-size-fits-all methodology, but together we’ll forge a technology management and support relationship that’s best for your organization, both today and well into the future.

Insyndia Logo Design Brief & Sketches | Jeremy Bolton

Insyndia Logo Design Brief & Sketches

Design Brief
Because Insyndia was a brand new business I started the design process by gathering key words and concepts that the company wanted to portray. Based on their initial emails and questionnaire I narrowed down the key words to the following:

  • Nurturing
  • Innovative
  • Trustworthy
  • Transparent
  • Loyal
  • Unfailing Ethics
  • Passionate
  • Service Oriented

I then took these keywords and set out to create a variety of logo options that would represent the ideals of the company. It was very important to Insyndia that they have a logo that was clean, simple, and effective.

Logo Options

The more information I gathered the more I saw a pattern begin to emerge in the form of the letter “i.” The letter “i” was found twice in the word Insyndia as well as in the company’s tagline: imagine. ignite. inspire. I decided to build my logo designs around the idea and form of the letter “i.”

Insyndia Logo Unused Options | Jeremy Bolton

A Few Unused Insyndia Logo Options

After looking over a few of my initial logo options they narrowed it down to one that they wanted to move forward with. The logo they chose was based on two sets of arcing circles which were aligned around a central circle. One arc of circles represented Insyndia, while the other represented the client. Both arcs are shown coming together around a central circle which represented the project at hand. The logo also took the shape of an “eye” which became a play on the letter “i” as well as conveying the attention to detail that Insyndia represents.

Insyndia Logo Mark

Insyndia Logo Mark

Next, I chose a few simple yet unique fonts to work with the logo mark. After the mark and the font were finalized I began setting up the structure of the logo to give it uniformity and balance. Spacing was key to give the logo room to breathe.

Insyndia Logo Mark Structure

Insyndia Logo Mark Structure

Color Options

Before moving on to color I showed how the logo worked in simple black and white. While the logo may not appear in black and white that often it still must be able to hold up as an effective design without the need for color.

Insyndia Logo Black & White Options | Jeremy Bolton

Insyndia Logo Black & White Options

We were finally ready to start exploring color. This can sometimes be the toughest part due to the countless number of color options available. I sent over a few dozen color options as a jumping off point. The client felt the first round of colors were too bright and not professional enough.

They knew a lot of their business would be contracted through the government and they wanted to make sure their logo appealed to that demographic. I began creating darker color palettes that felt more appropriate for Insyndia. A blue and a gray were ultimately chosen as Insyndia’s color palette.

Insyndia Logo Color Options | Jeremy Bolton

A Few Insyndia Logo Color Options

Insyndia Logo Color Palette | Jeremy Bolton

Insyndia Logo Final Color Palette

While the blue and gray were chosen for the logo, the client also liked how the logo looked in white on a colored background. We made sure the logo could easily be seen when it appeared in white against the new color palette.

Insyndia Logo Color Options | Jeremy Bolton

Insyndia Logo Color Options

The Final Logo Design

The final Insyndia logo design is clean and inviting. The structure gives the logo balance while the color palette offers a professional look and feel.

Insyndia Logo Final | Jeremy Bolton

Insyndia Logo Final

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18 Responses to Insyndia Logo Design Process

  1. Mark Brand says:

    Good concept and execution. The idea behind the concept was well formed, but what really stands out is the attention to detail you showed. It’s good to show what we as designers go through to execute a design. By posting, people can learn why logo design isn’t a $100 expense. Out of all three, I preferred the transparent logo incorporating the i’s as people. Which is yours?

  2. Jeremy says:

    Thanks Mark. It is that sort attention to detail that makes me enjoy logo and branding design so much. When you structure a logo as a designer you can see everything that is aligned, where the common curves lie and which shapes have been repeated for uniformity. When all of the guidelines are taken away the logo still retains that detail but it isn’t always readily apparent. I think this is a good way to show people what goes into a logo design.

    I think I like the two i’s forming the people as well. I keep hearing from people that that is their favorite. But I enjoy the design that was chosen because of its movement and multiple meanings.

  3. ashley says:

    i LOVE seeing every step of your thought process.
    guidelines – bnw – color palate.
    and i’m fairly certain i spotted a mindmap in there somewhere. :)

    you inspire me to spend more time in these details of the process, rather than seeing how fast i can design something awesome.

    you are so good at what you do!

  4. Jeremy says:

    Thank you so much Ashley. I appreciate all of your kind words. I am glad my obsessive attention to detail has inspired you. ;)

    I really love what I do and I hope that comes across in my work. I think as designers we all need to inspire and challenge each other in the work we put out there.

    I have always loved your style. Your an inspiration to me as well. Keep it up!

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    My Insyndia logo design process is featured on Little Box of Ideas as 1 of 15 Fresh Logo Design Processes that Teach Volumes. Check it out.

  6. Logo Design Monster says:

    The typography is beautiful. I really like the typeface used within the logo and the excellent contrast of size between the smaller tag line as well. Can I ask what typeface you based the main type on? Thanks for sharing, great post.

  7. Jeremy says:

    Thanks Logo Design Monster. Glad you enjoyed the post. To answer you question I used Rezland as the basis for the main typography. I did, however, manipulate some of the x-heights and descenders to make the letters in the name “Insyndia” work better together.

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  9. HerbugStudio says:

    Love the color palette, great choice

  10. Craig says:

    Thanks for going through the design process for the Insyndia logo, Thanks!

  11. Jeremy says:

    I am happy to share Craig. I hope it helped inspire you with your own work!


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