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Logo Trends: Minimalism

No doubt you have seen a blog post, tweet, or Facbeook status update with the news that Starbucks is prepping for a new, cleaner, logo for 2011. Personally I think the simpler design is a welcome change, though it may prove a confusing one.  I have already quizzed a few (non-coffee drinking) friends about the new logo only to find they had no idea who this mermaid was representing. It will be interesting to see how Starbucks ties the name to the mythical sea creature. Read more →

Logo Trends: Motion Graphics

Every year I love to look back and see the trends that took place within the logo design industry. While many people try to have their designs stand out from the crowd it is amazing to see how much we still influence one another with our designs. LogoLounge does a great job of showcasing logo trends each year with plenty of examples to look over.

Since I am always on the lookout for inspiration and researching what is going on in the logo design industry I thought I would start documenting some of those trends here.

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